Fushigi Yuugi Page Revision Log

What's new

Aug-23-1998 Deleted broken links.
Jul-6-1998 Summary information about Pioneer's American release of FY in the getting stuff page.
Jun-4-1998 A few new links in the other links area.
Jul-14-1997 Updated CD information with some newer releases.
Mar-10-1997 Checked some of the links in the other links section.
Feb-28-1997 Added getting stuff page and corrected some information.
Jan-09-1997 Added wakatte itahazu to lyrics section.
Oct-09-1996 Added information on the third FY CD.
Added track listings for the three FY TV CDs.
Sep-24-1996 Added information on the second FY CD.
Added character information for the Seiryuu seishi.
Sep-23-1996 Updated other links pages.
Sep-07-1996 Added English translation to opening theme in lyrics section.
Jul-19-1996 Made more revisions to lyrics section.
Jul-12-1996 Changed lyrics section to a CGI based script.
Jul-09-1996 Rearranged CD information section and started adding new information.
Jun-11-1996 We broke 1000 accesses!
May-23-1996 Added translation for ending theme.
Apr-29-1996 Moved the page to www.fdemocracy.org because the previous site would have disappeared in the summer.
Apr-28-1996 Found some new English FY pages and added links to them in other pages.
Also added some more information to cd information.
Mar-25-1996 Added cd information for the character cd singles.
Mar-24-1996 Corrected ending lyrics romanization. Boy I had a lot of errors.
Mar-22-1996 Started episode list.
Mar-17-1996 Added brief CD listing from memory. Track listings and stuff like that will be added later.
Also, if anyone wants to help write character descriptions or episode synposes, feel free to email me.
Mar-04-1996 Added more cast information.
Mar-03-1996 Added song lyrics and other links listing.
Feb-29-1996 Scribbled down the introduction and started placing some of the info from the Japanese page.

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