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About this page
These are mostly song romanizations I've done with some romanizations by other people for songs I really like.
Just click on Song index to access them.
If you'd like to use the romanizations on your own page, feel free to. For translations though, you should probably try to locate the translator.
Comments, corrections and translations are always welcome.

What's new

Jul-7-2000 Corrected Pure Snow with comments from "Jemmy".
Oct-29-1999 Added hashiru from Maaya Sakamoto's Dive.
Sep-1-1999 Added Itsuka...Shinjite from Nadeshico.
Jul-22-1999 Added Yucca from Maaya Sakamoto's Dive.
May-19-1999 Added Pure Snow from Himiko-den, kiseki no umi from Record of Lodoss Wars TV, Successful Mission from Saber Marionette J, Going History from Slayers EX and Active heart by Maaya Sakamoto.
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