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Who I Be

Updated: Nov-05-2001

I'm a graduate of Cornell University's College of Engineering's Computer Science program. I am also a graduate of Cornell's Master of Engineering program in Computer Science.

This picture was taken spring of '95. I really should get a more recent picture.

Sheeta (besides being one of the main characters of Laputa) is the name of my computer. She's grown over the years and is currently a Pentium IV 2GHz with 1 gig of memory and an absurdly big harddrive.

Her old incarnation is now Fio (P3 500 with 256 megs of memory and a big harddrive.)

Her old, old incarnation is the dual-boot Birdy/Tsutomu (Pentium 233 with 64 megs of memory and a not so big harddrive.)

On the other side, I've got a G5 named Sharon. Dual 2 gHz, 1 gig of RAM and yet another absurdly big harddrive.

For my on-the-go computing, I'm using a Macbook Pro named Alphonse. 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo with 1 gig of memory.

And last but not least there is a Compaq Presario 1700 laptop named Asuka. 1 GHz Pentium III, 256 megs of memory and a decent sized harddrive. That's Asuka as in the MPL-96 Asuka. There's a theme here!

My interests include:


Updated: May-26-1997

These are the people in my life that I'd like to thank for various reasons.
  • The most important people in my life are my parents. My parents are typical Chinese parents and growing up, that got on my nerves. But sometime during college, I finally realized how lucky I was to have parents as devoted as them. Thanks, Mommy and Daddy.


Updated: Dec-15-1995 | Look, mon! Links!

Dragonware was my 9th grade computer software company. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable factors like college and an actual software company named Dragon something or other, Dragonware no longer exists. But hey, it's fun to have your own company when you are in 9th grade and I think that logo looks really cool.

The great achievements of Dragonware are:

Japanese Animation

Updated: Jan-26-2001

In my glorious college days, I was treasurer, secretary, and audio-visual tech guy for the Cornell Japanese Animation Society (CJAS) (not all at the same time).

But soon after I graduated, I gained the ignominious title of "Repoman." But I got paid off so I'm no longer the "Repoman."

Now I am a member of the few, the proud, the graduated, the CJAS Alumni.

My favorite anime right now are:
My favorite anime songs:
List of anime I own.
List of manga I own.
Anime I want to sell off.

Video Games

Updated: Jul-17-2001

I was never a big PC gamer especially after the big FPS craze hit. In my eternal laziness, I went a long before I got a 3d accelerator for my computer. Instead, I'm more of a console fan.

I got started on the 32-bit home console scene a bit late. I had a Genesis and Mega Drive throughout high school but I didn't progress to a Playstation until after college. Strictly speaking, the Playstation is my sister's as I gave it to her as a present. But since she was at college, it resided at my apartment. I've got a Japanese PSOne now though so she has hers back. I also have 3 Dreamcasts (long story). I'll probably get a PS2 sooner or later. And going portable, I've got a Neo Geo Pocket Color (Ocean Blue) and will get a GameBoy Advance sooner or later.

My favorite games in no particular order:
List of games I own.

It's like a big LEGO set...

As mentioned above, I like anything remotely related to computers. A side effect of this is my almost constant presence on MUCKs (Multi User Construction Kit). MUCKs attract me because besides allowing role playing, they also allow building and programming. So one can create worlds to play in (and probably waste just a little too much time in while one should be studying for finals, but I digress).

The muck I currently frequent and help run is RanmaMUCK at 1212. You can find me online there as Confucious.

Favorite sayings

Quoted ones aren't mine.
The term "alpha software" is secret code for, "It doesn't work!"
I believe I'm young as long as I think of snow as something that is fun.
"Most people have pictures of their family in their room. You've got Richard Dean Anderson." - Yes, she was talking about me.
Most people have pictures of their family in their cubicle. I've got Alphonse. - Updated for 1997.
"Well, it looks like someone is in major denial right now. But don't knock denial: it's not just a river in Egypt -- it's a survival strategy, too."
"This isn't a robot cartoon whose main character is an autistic kid or some punk." - Kiichi Goto
"Did you call me? I heard someone yell food." - Ling on Ally McBeal
"Famous last words from me: 'Sure, I'll head up the Y2K project.'" - Ray Lee
"Of course, a lot of those titles may be junk. A lot of everything is junk." - Roger Ebert
"Alright I'm afraid. But it's an irrational fear." - Dana Scully

Interesting links

Updated: Oct-09-2000

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