The results are in! On the night of March 3rd, after five hours of deliberation, we finished the difficult task of choosing the winners. We just want to say that we are absolutely thrilled by the response people have shown to this contest. We never expected to receive so many submissions. All told, our gallery proudly displays 81 entries from all over the world, and we are incredibly grateful for the time, effort, and inspiration all the artists contributed to make this contest a success.

The talent level was tremendous, and narrowing down our list of favorites was no easy task. We're not illustrators ourselves, so our technical evaluations were probably not as nuanced as they could have been, but we are huge lain fans who love art, so we based our judgements on what we know. Judging art is completely subjective, of course, and by no means are we saying that our favorites should be your favorites, too. But since we're the ones giving away prizes, it's only fair that we stick to our own criteria. ^_-

That said, here's a brief sketch of the criteria we used (in no particular order) to judge each entry:

  1. Creativity in the portrayal of Lain
  2. Technical skill and difficulty
  3. Continuity of theme/topic
  4. Overall aesthetic feel

...and finally, speaking of prizes, since we had so many great entries, we've included one more Lain cel to give away, which is our new second place prize! Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks again to all the contestants!

(We were going to comment on the winning entries, but I think we'll let the artworks speak for themselves.-Law)

Grand Prize winner

Artist: Chandra Free
Age: 21
Location: Clermont, Florida
Submitted: 2/25/03

Chandra wins a Lain cel. Congratulations!

2nd Place winner

Artist: David Cheung
Age: 20
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Submitted: 2/16/03

David wins a Lain cel. Congratulations!

3rd Place winner

Artist: metheus
Age: 24
Location: ND
Submitted: 2/2/03

metheus wins a Mika cel. Congratulations!

4th Place winner

Artist: Kerin
Age: 17
Location: Italy
Submitted: 2/27/03

Kerin wins a Lain garage kit. Congratulations!

5th Place winner

Artist: miriam bang
Age: 15
Location: New Zealand
Submitted: 3/1/03

miriam wins a Lain full-size lunchbox. Congratulations!

6th Place winner

Artist: Kelley Muldoon
Age: 16
Location: USA
Submitted: 2/19/03

Kelley wins a "serial experiments lain - Ultimate Fan Guide". Congratulations!

Honorable mention (Judge's award-Ray)

(from another angle)
Artist: Victoria Becker
Age: 25
Location: Ardmore, Oklahoma
Submitted: 2/18/03

Victoria wins a Lain doll (schoolgirl outfit). Congratulations!

Honorable mention (Judge's award-Law)

Artist: Boglarka "prezzey" Takacs
Age: 19
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Submitted: 2/27/03

prezzey wins a Niea_7 clear postcard. Congratulations!

Early Bird award winner #2

Artist: Jam Die
Age: 18
Location: California
Submitted: 1/28/03

Jam Die wins a Wall scroll. Congratulations!

Early Bird award winner #1

Artist: seaweb
Age: somewhat advanced
Location: western shores
Submitted: 1/23/03

seaweb wins a Pioneer 2002 Trailer DVD. Congratulations!

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