Hockey Drawings

Random hockey sketches

Growing up near Philadelphia how could I not be a flyers fan? Here's a drawing of Eric Lindros, he's not particularly my favorite player, but they had this nice picture of him in a magazine, and I needed some practice for my comic..
Lindros standing around looking cool

I think I drew these other ones while I was watching a Flyers game on TV while I was doing my homework, well, it was in 12th grade anyways so obviously I blew off the homework..

I needed practice drawing helmets
some guy's head

I needed practice drawing action scenes
guy skating in to take a shot on goal while the defender moves in to block him

This isn't supposed to look like a particular person, I don't think the Flyers even have a #4
#4 standing around


Here's the entire 5 pages of the hockey comic that I started drawing in 10th grade and stopped working on in 12th grade when I was mostly just drawing the random sketches at the top..
If you really want to, you can check out the really long description of the history of the comic, or the rough plot that I was going to have for the comic book..

Cover page
Page 1
Page 2 Redrawn half of page 2
Page 3
Page 4

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