let's see, time for an update, well i'm still working at the same place, but i moved to a new place, i spent more money on musical instruments and i have a new band, yes, nothing exciting

about smoo ... updated 11-05-02
yeah, i gotta have one of these pages

smoo's drawings ... updated 10-5-99
yeah.. my awesome comics and other pics

smoo's guitar tabs ... new tabs 03-06-05
some tabs that i've written and some cool links

smoo's band ... updated 08-10-06
my new band because foad says so, post-rock to the max

smoo's links ... updated 06-07-02
links to other people's pages

smoo's pics ... new! 01-02-02
random pics of people and places (that i know)

smoo's programs ... updated 11-05-02
antimony, bouncing balls, and of course, pong

yep, that's about it for now, i dunno how often i'm gonna update this.. prolly whenever i'm bored or have new stuff to put up..

oh yah, i knew i was missing something, if you got any comments, want me to add a link to your page, or just wanna say hi, email me
charmander's so cute!
this page originally created january 99.. and look how far it's come, whoo!