smoo's java programs

aha, i bet you thought i would never update this page seeing as how i havent since i first started learning java, but as promised there is now a non-bouncing-ball program available, but it isnt quite finished and prolly never will be, oh well

Revolutionary new puzzle game that's sweeping the nation!
Or, well, think Puzzle Fighter but the opposite.

Note: everything past here I wrote a long time ago, so if anything breaks just hit the back button on your browser

Bouncing Ball
Hours of fun! Fully adjustable initial velocities and bounce percentage!
no error checking though, so don't put in non-integers

Pong version 1
Hours of fun! Play against yourself or even someone else!
Don't forget, you can redirect the ball by hitting it while moving in the opposite direction
left player keys => Q and A
right player keys => up and down arrows

Pong version 2
Everything you love from the original (with minor tweakage), plus:
change the speed of the ball by moving while hitting it
cool sound effects!

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