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CJAS Marathon December 5

Join us on Saturday December 5th from noon to midnight in Goldwin Smith Lewis Auditorium. Enjoy 12 hours of various anime, and be sure to check out the game show at 3:05!

12:00 - Elemental Gerade 1
12:25 - Fate/stay night 2 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 1
12:50 - Nabari no Ou 1
1:15 - Cowboy Bebop 1
1:40 - BREAK
1:50 - Hayate the Combat Butler 1 & 2
2:40 - Planetes 1
3:05 - GAMESHOW!!!
3:50 - [movie] Origin: Spirits of the Past
5:30 - DINNER
6:30 - Romeo x Juliet 1
6:55 - Genshiken 13 - 15
8:10 - BREAK
8:30 - Wolf's Rain 13 & 14
9:20 - Outlaw Star 13
9:45 - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 13
10:10 - BREAK
10:25 - Cowboy Bebop 6
10:50 - Baccano! 14 -16
Other Articles

Where Does the Meat in Pokemon Come From: Our tendency to nitpick the oddest parts of shows

A certain type of fan has an odd tendency to fixate on a tiny, illogical part of a show, even when the premise of the entire franchise is utterly different from our world. It happens with Trekkies/Trekkers, when they discuss how exactly Chekov could be born years early in the new movie. (Some of the theories are actually quite interesting.) It happens with nerds who go see Wall-E and wonder why on earth all those people slide to the side of the space ship when it keels. (They’re in space! The gravity is artificial!) And it happens with anime fans, who wonder what Ash and his friends are eating when they have hamburgers. (There aren’t any normal animals; are they eating a Tauros or something?)

Now, probably not every group of fans does this; some are probably content to watch an enjoy a show or an anime without picking it apart. Or at least, they’ll pull apart the larger plot holes first, before getting to the tiny ones. (Like, anything involving Spock Prime. Instead of just sitting in a cave staring at the sky, why doesn’t he go find Scotty and tell him to warn Vulcan?) Still, most of the people I hang about with nitpick the small things. Why?

Because it’s fun, is my answer. Trying to find a logical reason for the tiny things is more fun than trying to find ones for the big holes, since the latter ones usually strain credulity and boil down to “the plot needed it”.

It’s a sign of affection, I swear; we care enough about the franchise to try and make the bloody thing make sense.

So, who wants to talk about Gurren Lagann?

Other Articles

Gundam: the View from the Gateway

Now, hands up, who’s seen a Gundam series?

How many have seen Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, G Gundam, and Gundam 00?

How many are girls?

Now, I’ve noticed something that’s a bit odd with the Gundam franchise. While for the most part, it seems to be a bastion of geeky boys (while I’m sure they exist, I’ve met few girls who make model Gundams), there are a few recent series that seem to have an audience and fanbase that is a rather hefty percent female. These series are Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, Gundam 00, and G Gundam. The other, older Gundam series – Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – don’t have this demographic.

Did you ever wonder why?

Anime News

Viz to Simulcast Inu-Yasha: Kanketsu-Hen

kanketsu-newtype sm

You may remember that back in July, I’d had my fingers crossed for a simulcast of Inu-Yasha: Kankestu-hen. Well, it’s official; Viz announced at its panel at New York Anime Fest this Sunday that they would be simulcasting the new Inu-Yasha series. Called “Inu-Yasha: The Final Act” in English, the series will be adapting the last 21 volumes of the Inu-Yasha manga for TV, picking up where the previous series left off. The series will begin airing Saturday, Oct. 3 (that’s this coming Saturday) at as well as on Hulu, so don’t miss it!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Image from Newtype magazine

EDIT: Check out the trailer here!

Anime Reviews

Anime Review: Zero no Tsukaima

Last semester, CJAS screened the first season of one of the more popular shounen-harem series in recent years: Zero no Tsukaima, a.k.a. The Familiar of Zero.  Originally a series of light novels from Japan, the series (still in serialization as of this writing) proved popular enough to warrant an anime adaptation and an additional retelling as a manga.

It is the story of a student-mage of noble background, Louise, who unintentionally summons a teenage boy from Japan named Saito into her world of magic, mystery, and fan service to act as her familiar.  All is not sunshine and roses for our hero Saito, however, as his new mistress treats him no better than a dog, and only softens as time goes on.  As he struggles to make a living for himself under the furious eye of Louise, there is action, adventure, and even the budding of romance for our happy couple-to-be!

Sounds like a fun anime if I ever heard one, no?  Well, I hate to disappoint you all, but I beg to differ.  Zero left a bitter, bitter taste in my mouth, that special flavor that only comes from good, old-fashioned bad writing and an unhealthy abundance of wasted potential.  Be afraid, ladies and gentlemen.  Be very afraid.

Announcements Events

Orientation Schedule

Close up 1Come join the Cornell Japanese Animation Society for orientation week! We’ll be out and about, so keep an eye out for anyone in cosplay. Our rough schedule is below:

Sunday the 23rd: If we don’t get rained out, we’ll also be handing out quarter cards while we chalk in front of Appel.

Monday the 24th and Tuesday the 25th: We’ll be in the lobby of Appel from 6:00 – 10:00 pm, with video games and anime showing.

Wednesday the 26th: We’ll be having a picnic on Rawlings Green from 10:30 until 12:30. Come join us!

Saturday the 29th: Our first CJAS showing of the year!  Goldwin Smith Lewis auditorium, 7-11 pm, be there.  See our schedule this semester for what we are showing.

And of course, there’s Executive Board every Friday in Goldwin Smith 158 156 where we make all the decisions for CJAS.  Before every showing we meet for dinner in RPCC at 5:30-6:00pm Appel from 5:00-6:20pm.

Also, keep an eye out for us at Clubfest!

See you there!


Fall 2009 Schedule Released

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is winding down, pro football is gearing up for the pre-season, back-to-school sales are everywhere, and students are gearing up for the upcoming school year. Luckily, there is some good news to lift up your spirits—the release of the 2009 Fall Semester Schedule!


Notice that at our first meeting, we will be showing the classic Lupin III movie, The Castle of Cagliostro (Aug. 29).  We will be advertising the movie more as the beginning of the semester nears.

This semester, we have five series that will be making their CJAS premieres, all of which have been released in the past few years in the U.S. Higurashi no Kaku Koro ni is a horror series about a small town and its mysterious annual festival. Newly-arrived Keiichi must attempt to uncover the secret behind Hinamizawa’s disappearances and murders before he meets the same fate. In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Nanoha Takamichi is a normal Japanese grade-schooler who, after finding a shape-shifting ferret, gets mixed up in an intergalactic crisis. Claymore focuses on Claire, a Claymore warrior whose purpose is the eradication of Yoma, monsters that feed on humans. Along the way, they have to fight to keep their own humanity intact or face the consequences. Baccano! features a story about immortals, the mob, and one unforgettable train ride, set in the 1920s. The many seemingly disconnected threads do eventually weave together into a coherant picture; in the meantime, enjoy the ride! And I hope you have your ticket… Ouran High School Host Club is a brilliant send-up of the shojo genre that plays off just about every archetype imaginable while still managing to have compelling characters of its own. This is a series that can be enjoyed by jaded veterans and newcomers alike.

In addition to these new series and the movie, we will be showing three popular series and one very popular OVA from past schedules. In Genshiken, a freshman is drawn deeper and deeper into the mysterious world of “anime”, thanks to his school club “Genshiken”, the biggest bunch of weirdos ever to assemble in a single room to discuss “Why This Week’s Episode of Kujibiki Unbalance Was Awsome”. Wolf’s Rain, an elegantly melancholy post-apocalyptic anime, features a group of shape-shifting wolves searching for paradise in a world where they’re supposed to be extinct. In Outlaw Star, outlaw Gene Starwind, his young partner Jim Hawking, and their motley crew battle against space pirates and law enforcement alike in pursuit of the ultimate treasure. We end our semester schedule with Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman, a parody of the famous Super Sentai series. This one is a real “can’t miss” OVA.

Below are the complete summaries of everything we will be showing.

Movie News

Fate/stay night Movie Announced

Fate/stay night, Type-Moon’s hit visual novel turned animated series, is getting another animated treatment.  This time, it’s on the big screen.

The movie was announced on July 31 by way of the official movie site launching. No details announced yet, though rampant speculation on the image below has led to the theory of an animated Unlimited Blade Works route.

EDIT: The film has been confirmed to be based off of the Unlimited Blade Works scenario. The film will premier in Japan on January 23, 2010.

[Source: AnimeNewsNetwork]


Otakon Game Show 2009

The Game Show event at Otakon this year was brought to you by CJAS!  Well, to be more accurate, CJAS members and alums were responsible for organizing and running it.  Here’s a video of the event:

Thanks to all competitors for participating!

[Source: Otakon Game Show]

Anime News

After Five Years, “Inuyasha” Anime to be Resumed


The Inuyasha anime, which stopped airing in 2004, is now set to experience a revival. The original anime had a very unsatisfactory and inconclusive ending, with the story only reaching up to about volume 36 out of the 56 manga volumes eventually written. Now, with the manga having ended last June, the anime is picking up where it left off. The new anime, Inuyasha Kanketsu-Hen, will air on Japan’s YTV in the fall and will complete the story. You can be sure I’ll be watching it.

EDIT: According to The Rumic World, VIZ has already acquired the rights to this new Inu-Yasha anime. Hopefully this’ll mean a simultaneous release. Keep your fingers crossed!

[Source: AnimeNewsNetwork]