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Viz to Simulcast Inu-Yasha: Kanketsu-Hen

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You may remember that back in July, I’d had my fingers crossed for a simulcast of Inu-Yasha: Kankestu-hen. Well, it’s official; Viz announced at its panel at New York Anime Fest this Sunday that they would be simulcasting the new Inu-Yasha series. Called “Inu-Yasha: The Final Act” in English, the series will be adapting the last 21 volumes of the Inu-Yasha manga for TV, picking up where the previous series left off. The series will begin airing Saturday, Oct. 3 (that’s this coming Saturday) at as well as on Hulu, so don’t miss it!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Image from Newtype magazine

EDIT: Check out the trailer here!

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Anime Review: Zero no Tsukaima

Last semester, CJAS screened the first season of one of the more popular shounen-harem series in recent years: Zero no Tsukaima, a.k.a. The Familiar of Zero.  Originally a series of light novels from Japan, the series (still in serialization as of this writing) proved popular enough to warrant an anime adaptation and an additional retelling as a manga.

It is the story of a student-mage of noble background, Louise, who unintentionally summons a teenage boy from Japan named Saito into her world of magic, mystery, and fan service to act as her familiar.  All is not sunshine and roses for our hero Saito, however, as his new mistress treats him no better than a dog, and only softens as time goes on.  As he struggles to make a living for himself under the furious eye of Louise, there is action, adventure, and even the budding of romance for our happy couple-to-be!

Sounds like a fun anime if I ever heard one, no?  Well, I hate to disappoint you all, but I beg to differ.  Zero left a bitter, bitter taste in my mouth, that special flavor that only comes from good, old-fashioned bad writing and an unhealthy abundance of wasted potential.  Be afraid, ladies and gentlemen.  Be very afraid.