To celebrate the airing of serial experiments lain on TechTV's "Anime Unleased" programming block, the series hitting its 5th year anniversary in 2003, and simply because this is fun, we're hosting an online fanart contest. lain fans are some of the most dedicated otaku out there, whether you're a new fan or if you watched the series when it came out way back in 1998. We also know that many of you have tremedous creative talent. And although we (the hosts) have no artistic talent whatsoever, we have something to offer too. We're not just going to give the winners some exposure and name recognition, or some dinky little web award (if you have a website, however, we will give you one if you win). We have some goods for you: the grand prize is a beautiful cel of Lain, and the second prize is a cel of Mika, Lain's sister. And we have a bunch of other prizes in the works, too, so check this site often.

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