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Duh, why didn't I put this here before?

Our 10th reunion party was a blast! Thanks to all who came.

Although this site was started as a tool to plan the reunion and to get reacquainted beforehand, this doesn't mean this is the end of the project. Ultimately I would like it to evolve into a forum for us to keep track of each other. It's also a great source of procrastination. Help us spread the word about this site so we can include as many of our classmates as we can!

The Alumni Directory
This is the new password protected directory created to provide greater security. If you have forgotten the password, please e-mail the Webmaster at

NEW! The official Latin almni webpage. Bah, we were here first. :P
(Just kidding... Go sign up there, too!) :)

Memorable Moment of the er... Month
Jimmy Chuck falling off the rope in 5th grade, and being taken away in an ambulance.
Previous moments

I am currently looking for volunteers with real HTML experience to help make this site cool. Let me know! (Don't tell me none of you became CS majors?!)

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