tabs to songs you've never heard of

I've been playing guitar for awhile now, and everything I've learned has been off the net
from tabs and other people's sites.. So here are some links and some of my own original tabs

if there's a totally awesome song you need help figuring out feel free to email me
and i'll see if i can do anything (but not too awesome because i'm not that good)

or if there's just some cool band you think i should check out you can email me also..
you can check out my new band because foad says so..

also, if you're still using internet explorer as your browser, do yourself a favor and get something better

links anime/jpop/jrock game music rock/pop miscellaneous

smoo's tabs

note: I wrote these tabs for my own reference so you should prolly listen to the song while
you're looking at the tab to follow along

anime/jpop/jrock tabs

game tabs

rock/pop tabs


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