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Mx0 Manga Review- The Underdog in a School of Magic

Hey, everyone! I’m going to try my hand at reviewing manga, which is pretty new to me. For the most part, these will be manga that I recommend, so I will try to refrain from any glaring spoilers. Hope this is helpful to people, even if the website is pretty dead!

Anyway, something I notice whenever I log in to MyAnimeList is that I only ever seem to review anime. Which is strange, considering there are a lot of great manga that I’ve read and the fact that I generally rate manga higher than anime. So today, I decided to sit down and write a review for a manga that I really enjoyed and I think should have gotten an anime series: Mx0.


Mx0 is set in a world where those with magical powers are invited to attend Seinagi Private High School, where they are taught how to properly use their powers and contribute to society. A boy named Kuzumi Taiga, thinking Seinagi is just a regular school, takes the entrance exam and not only fails, but gets laughed at by a girl in the same room. In a fit of rage, he forces his way into the school, unaware that he can no longer leave. Can Kuzumi, a teenager with no magical ability, really survive in a school where students use powerful magic against him?

Story: 8/10

To be honest, the story in Mx0 isn’t the most original or the most thought out. I’ve read many other manga that deal with characters who are forced to hide their weaknesses by tricking their foes and I’ve read other magic school series. What sets Mx0 apart is the way magic is explained and incorporated into the world. The concept and mechanism for every magic spell is so interesting and unique, that you can almost imagine them being real. If you ever wanted to feel immersed in a world of magic, Mx0 accomplishes that in a way I haven’t seen since Fullmetal Alchemist.

In short, Mx0 doesn’t have a groundbreaking story, but it more than makes up for this in comedy, action, and world building. However, one thing to note is that Mx0 got axed, meaning the writer had to end the series early. For that reason, it doesn’t have the best ending, but I think it’s still decent. I think this manga is still worth recommending, but if you are really fixated on how a series ends, maybe it isn’t for you.

Art: 9/10

Mx0 isn’t going to be winning any awards for its art quality, but it has a fun style that works well with the comedy and it has fluid transitions that make the action scenes and magic casting look amazing.

Character: 9/10

Not much I can say, except that I loved all the characters. They were all fun to watch and had good character development, mostly through meeting and interacting with Kuzumi. Perhaps the one gripe I have is that, typical for a shounen series, character development is usually contained in a single arc, rather than being spread in small doses throughout the series. That means characters will always seem one-dimensional at first (as opposed to two-dimensional, lol) and they won’t really act that different after their development arc.

Enjoyment/Overall: 9/10

Mxo is a fun series that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy, magic, comedy, or shounen.  I just wish they would make an anime adaptation, because I know it would blow every other magic school anime out of the water, and they could finally give it a more satisfying ending. If you want to see more manga reviews or have any questions/feedback, feel free to leave a comment. Hope you guys are enjoying CJAS (“Could Just Ask Senpai”)!