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The Dark Blag Rises

Hello all,

For anyone who stops by, I’m gonna start regularly posting and revitalize the blag since my schedule has opened up. I wanted to generate some top quality content for anyone bored or interested in reading in-between shitposting.

I wanted to start by posting some links to YouTubers that put out great videos with quality editing. All of these channels discuss anime, but to different degrees and specialties. For example, Digibro rants – a lot – about topical subjects in the anime community from the perspective of a NEET (and he complains a lot in his many rants). Other channels like AnimeEveryday posts rankings for different anime genres, and character analysis is handled well by GoatJesus. Take a look anytime you get bored, as there are a wide verity of videos offered for everyone’s tastes, I guarantee it.

So ya, expect weekly postings from here on out. Looking forward to the time ahead!

Channels & Links:

  • Anime Everyday

  • The Digibro Package (anime rants, central channel, and after dark)

  • DemoD+ (there are rumors┬áthat he is leaving so enjoy while you can)

  • Flip Anime

  • Gigguk (just including it cuz hes big enough)

  • Glenlovessubway

  • Goat Jesus

  • Kevin Nyaa

  • Super Eyepatch Wolf

  • Angry Bears

  • Under the Scope