Why You Should Come to E-Board (or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Meetings)

Every Friday (well almost. We don’t meet during the summer, etc.), an almost important group of people meets in room 158 in Goldwin Smith Hall at 5:00pm for an hour or so.

Who are these people? (Why do they have no lives?)

They are CJAS’s E-board!

E-board (technically, Executive Board) runs the CJAS you have come to know and love (fear). And you know what? You should join them!

Joining E-board gives you the opportunity to submit and vote on future anime series we show during the semester and marathon, lets you offer ideas for events, and allows you the opportunity to shape CJAS.

Well worth an hour of your life once a week, hmm? There are a few restrictions – you have to show up for a certain number of meetings before voting (no stuffing the metaphorical ballot box, please), and you have to be an official CJAS member.

The benefits are obvious, the drawbacks slight, and you get to meet such interesting people!

Come to E-board!