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Fall 2010 Showing Schedule

When you think of August, what images appear? Well, here’s the one to really watch for, the unveiling of the CJAS 2010 Fall Semester Schedule.

A full listing of series summaries as well as promo pictures  is listed after the jump.

Darker Than Black

A wall has mysteriously appeared, and the stars were replaced.  Now police officers hunt down “Contractors”, magical beings that can do extraordinary things, but find themselves forced to carry out some compulsive activity as a price.


A young photographer obsessed with the sky meets a highschool girl in the process of attacking a vending machine.  She turns out to be a Yaka, a “calamity of the night,” and is being hunted by a mysterious scruffy man with a sword and his Bridge Loli companion.

Now and Then, Here and There

A young boy is accidentally transported to a different dimension, where a tyrannical dictator tries to hunt down him, his love interest La La Ru, and a McGuffin he loses in the second episode.

The Skull Man

A reporter follows the mysterious “Skull Man” who is rumored to be responsible for a series of murders.  Don’t stay out after midnight if you don’t want to be attacked by shadow dogs or random strangers with the strength of 10 people.  And then get arrested.


Two unpopular high schoolers band together to pursue long time love interests, but hilarity ensues.  Tsundere.


A city is under siege by mysterious beings in jet fighters.  A young boy discovers an ancient mech and begins to unlock its powers.  By singing.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

A middle school girl decides she wants to be a Prince who saves Princesses because of a Prince she met as a young child.  The ring he gave her unlocks a secret part of campus on which she duels the class council to gain the hand of the Rose Bride in marriage.

Eden of the East

A female Japanese tourist in Washington DC meets a naked Japanese man carrying only a gun and a cell phone, which he can call to get anything done for him, including having his memory erased.  Turns out he recently did just that.

Aim for the Top! Gunbuster

Young, scantily clad women travel far from home to fight in mechs that act surprisingly human.  Tries desperately to be “hard science”.

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise

2010 will indeed a year to remember.