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Mid-Season Reflections, Winter 2017

So it’s 10:37, i’m tired, and I just finished episode 5 of ¬†Youjo Senki, which is a show currently airing this season. Now, the show so far has been unique, well-paced, and honestly gripping in the sense that I look forward to each week’s episode. By all accounts it’s fun, which is an opinion I have for the majority of shows picking up traffic this season:

Gabriel Dropout continues the niche trend of placing transitional-magical beings in a modern world to explore the differences between “traditional/alien” and “modern.”

Little Witch Academia saves anime week after week with strong character-building episodes in a fun setting

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon feeds the otaku base and casual scrubs alike with cute girls/slice of life, while also boasting a beautiful base art style/vivid sakuga.

Konosuba keeps being konosuba (never change, konosuba, u be urself)

Demi-chan wa Kataritai offers the seasonal best-girl contest with a more palatable “monster girls” vibe than Monster Musume

So i’ve listed six shows that are at worst average, but honestly make-up a solid lineup. Winter 2017 seems to have brought a good humble bundle of shows that most can enjoy, while sprinkling in some flavor. I find it weird that the community hypes seasons with only one or two sensational shows and completely forgets to appreciate the seasons that are mellow, like this one.

To wrap my bundle of tangents up, i’m just posting here to reflect that this season has brought some great shows, but the average viewer online has seemed pretty “meh” – a sentiment I feel especially when reading reviews and recommendations from different forums. Take a chance this season and watch a lower-rated show. I’m sure you will find a show worth your time.

As always, keep posting those dank memes,