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Kuzu No Honkai. This show.

It’s nearing the end of the season and, as I have been planning a large end of the season/mid semester post, I ran out of shows to watch. Again.

So, long story short, I once again went through the seasonal showings on MAL and ranked, as always, by score. And, surprise surprise, I found a show called Kuzu No Honkai just scraping by above an 8. So why not.

Now it’s 12:45 in the morning and I feel compelled to jot down my first impressions from a show that delivers its narrative with both precision and brute strength.

First, I won’t spoil anything (partially because I am still on ep2 and partially because I won’t need too). The show is a romance but it decided, for some amazing reason, to tackle the theme of romantic infatuation above all other gooey, sticky, lewd aspects of the typical romance show that /a fondles over for a week before moving onto the next loli-trap highschool maid palooza 2, electric boogaloo show in the trashy parts of the anime romance sphere.

Every character explores some aspect of this theme deeply through interactions with their own crushes – providing first person perspective, or through the crush itself – providing the second person perspective. Still this point alone does not make the show good; it’s Kuzu’s emphasis on action: on intimate make-out sessions, on the prolonged staring contest people play with their desirable from a far, on the unspoken but real motivations that spark the romantic moments presented via memory and expression.

And don’t even get me started on romance cuz Kuzu is, again I feel like I’m repeating myself but, wholeheartedly realistic in its depiction.

So much so that I have to…uhm…close my door

…and window

… … and conscience

But that’s ok. Maybe its even preferred given the other potential shows you could watch. Basically, this show is more than a breath of fresh air; it’s something entirely unique and fun and, surprisingly, both cathardic and thoughtful in presentation. Take the time to watch this show. If not, here, enjoy your usually scheduled programming.