stuff you never wanted to know about smoo

Well, my name is smoo, actually, it's not, but I have this thing on IRC where I never tell people my real name (right?) so in case any of those people are looking here, I can't say it, but you probably know my name anyways if you're looking at this page..

Anyways.. so, yeah, I won't bother you with my life story, but currently I'm employed as an associate application developer, yet still bumming around home having recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). I've spent most of my life living in Ft Washington which is a suburb of Philadelphia, but now we live in Downingtown.. People always ask me why I decided to go to Berkeley, being so far away and all.. well I don't know so stop asking me! Though seriously, Berkeley is a pretty cool place.. check out the webcams of dwinelle and sproul during the day and if you're lucky you might see a demonstration or at least some weirdos.. Occasionally I wonder if I couldve been a rock star, or a hockey player, or an artist/cartoonist, or a video game programmer, or an astronaut, or something really cool, but the truth is I'm lazy and would rather sit at home and experience the work of other people doing these things from my couch.

So, yeah, I spend a lot of time on IRC, playing guitar, playing video games, playing drums, and sleeping..
I also enjoy watching TV, watching anime, watching hockey (go flyers!), the company of this guy, and splashing in puddles..
I do not enjoy annoying songs that are overplayed on the radio, eating peas, writing essays, and having people look at me when I'm doing something.. or having my picture taken!
Oh yeah, and I love stuffed animals.

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